Adverts, Branded Content & Corporate

Adverts & Idents

Use Territory Media Per 30s Per Track
All Media Worldwide All Media £7,700 £11,600
TV Ads and Sponsorship Idents UK & Eire (Or any other single country) ITV1, C4 or C5 £950 £1450
Other Single TV channel o region of ITV1, C4, C5 £500 £800
Digital Cable Network £1,900 £2,900
All TV £2,400 £3,750
Single Continent All TV £3,300 £4,700
Worldwide £6,300 £9,400
Radio Ads Local/Regional Single local or region of nationals £70* £100*
UK & Eire (Or single Country) Single National Station £500 £800
Full Network £900 £1,350
Single Continent Full Network £1,100 £1,650
Worldwide £1,600 £2,650
Online Ads Worldwide Audio Only (all sites) £175 £300
Audio Visual (all sites) £500 £800
'making of' videos (Client & agency sites only) £150 £300
Other Ads Worldwide Cinema or DVD £600 £950
Audio Visual Public Location £200* £350*
Audio only Public Location £80* £140*
Campagin rate = 'per track" rate + 60%

Adverts and Idents:

  • Adverts designed specifically to promote goods or services to the general public.

Campaign rates allow you to:

  • Clear a single track across unlimited adverts, of a related or developing theme for a single product within a 12 month term.
  • Adverts broadcast within the 12 month term are cleared in perpetuity.

Making of video rates:

  • A production documenting the making of an advertisement.

Per Track Rates:

  • Includes cutdowns, reversions & tag ending changes


  • Tag ending changes. This means minor changes to the message at the end of an advertisement e.g. change from "Sale starts Monday" to "Sale starts tomorrow"
  • Cut-down. This means a shortened version of an advert where no new content is added.
  • Per 30s rates clear use of 30 seconds of music, or part thereof.
  • Campain rate not applicable to making of video rates.

Branded Content

Use Territory Media Per 30s Per Production
Branded Content Worldwide Audio Visual - All sites online & Public Locations (exc Cinema) £150 £550

Type of production:

  • Productions documenting sponsored initiatives
  • Recruitment videos
  • Product demo videos

Music Use:

  • Public locations (exc cinema & broadcast)
  • Online
  • Business to Business office use
  • DVD (unlimited copies)


Use Territory Media Per 30s Per Production
Corporate Contenet Worldwide Audio Visual - Online: Client & Agency sites only & Public Locations (exc Cinema) £50 £300
Commit to 20+ productions for a 33% discount

Type of production:

  • Staff training or information videos
  • Music on hold
  • Showreels
  • Exhibition films
  • Audio guides

Music Use:

  • Staff conferences and in-house use.
  • Intranet, client & agency websites.
  • Exhibitions.


  • Looped and interactive use is charged at double the per 30 second rate for unlimted looping of a single music cue.
  • Aggrigation is permitted on all corporate 30 second rates. Aggrigation allows various music cues to be added together to produce a cumulative total.
  • Per 30s rate clears use for 30 seconds of music, or part thereof.
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