Film & Trailers


Use Territory Per 30s Per Track Per Film
Student film Worldwide £25 £55 n/a
Feature film buyout: Budget <£250K Worldwide £100 £200 £2,000
Feature film buyout: Budget between £250K and £3m Worldwide £250 £535 £5,000
Feature film buyout: Budget >£3m Worldwide £700 £1,500 n/a
  • New low budget film rates offer affordable all media clearance.
  • Per film rates allow uncapped usage per film.
  • If you only require online usage please refer to our Online Production rates.
  • Student film rates cover student film festivals only.


Use Criteria Per Production
UK & Eire / Single Country Worldwide Ex USA/Canada Worldwide
All Media Film Budget > £3m £5,500 £7,500 £9,500
Film Budget < £3m £2,500 £3,500 £4,500
TV & Theatrical
(can subsitute either for online)
Film Budget > £3m £3,500 £4,500 £5,500
Film Budget < £3m £1,750 £2,250 £2,750
Per Media (ex TV & Theatrical) Film Budget > £3m £650 £950 £1,150
Film Budget < £3m £325 £475 £575
  • Film trailers are licensed on a per production basis allowing uncapped usage per trailer.
  • If you only require a single track for your trailer please contact us.


  • Only film trailers dubbed in the UK can be licensed through our rate card.
  • Tag ending changes. This means minor changes to the message at the end of the trailer e.g. change from "out Monday" to "Out Tomorrow".
  • Cut-downs. This means a shortened version of a trailer where no new content is added.
  • Buyout rates clear the relevant unit for use within all media including but not limited to TV, online, theatrical, public location & physical product.
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