Retail Games, Apps, CD's & DVDs

Games & Apps

Use Territory Per 30s Per Track Per Game
Retail Games Worldwide £250 £535 £5,000
Mobile App Worldwide n/a £100 n/a

Retail CDs & DVD's

Use Criteria Territory Per 30s
Audio Only ≤ 1,000 copies Worldwide £20

≤ 10,000 copies

Worldwide £45
10,000+ copies Worldwide £65
Audio Visual ≤ 1,000 copies Single Continent £35
Worldwide £80
≤ 10,000 copies Single Continent £55
Worldwide £120
≤ 50,000 copies Single Continent £75
Worldwide £150
≤ 100,000 copies Single Continent £100
Worldwide £200
100,000+ copies Single Continent £125
Worldwide £250

Retail productions are audio, audio visual or interactive productions for sale or rental to the general public including:

  • Films or games.
  • online/mobile apps.
  • DVD, CD, Vinyl, BluRay etc.
  • Covermount products.


  • Looped & interactive use of music allow unlimited looping of a single cue in a production and is charged at double the per 30s.
  • Per game rates allow uncapped music usage for one flat rate.
  • Aggregation is permitted on per 30s rates. Aggrigation allows various music cues to be added together to produce a cumulative total.
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