Online Prodcutions

Online Productions

Media Worldwide
Per 30s Per Track Short Form Production <10 Min Per Production
Online £70 £150 £200 £550
(audio only)
Per Podcast

Online production rates cover, but are not limited to:

  • Audio visual content (amatuer or professional) made for broadcast on video sharing websites.
  • Films or series that are made available online
  • Any online production available for retail sale through streaming or download service providers.

Online production rates do not cover:

  • Corporate videos
  • Advertisments
  • Branded content.

Performing Right Online Licence (PROL)

If you are hosting your production on your own website you will also require a Performing Right Online Licence from PRS for Music (not required if hosted on youtube as they have their own Performing Rights licence).

Use Media Unit Allowance Per Annum Cost Per Unit Allowance
Music On demand < 45,000 streams £62+ VAT
Website Background Music < 120,000 streams
Permanent Download < 5,000 downloads
Ringtone < 1,000 downloads
General Entertainment On Demand < 3,200 music hours
Permanent Download < 250 music hours
Get a PROL Download and complete an application form from and email it to
  • Online performing rights cover the communication of a musical work to the public.
  • You will need a PROL as well as a mechanical/sync licenece if you are hosting content with music on your own website.
  • A PROL is valid for 12 months. Licences need to provide a report of the musical works that have been used.
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